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A Flow Pack machine is a machine that is used to package products in tubular bags. These bags are made by forming a long piece of film into a tubular shape, which is then sealed at both ends. The machine fills the product into the tubular bag and then seals the long seam and the ends to secure the product.

Our Flow Pack Machines are used in a variety of industries, including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industrial products. They provide a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to package products.

P&S Flow Pack Machines generally consist of several components that work together to produce the form fill and seal bag, insert the goods and seal them securely. The following is a general overview of the operating process of a Flow Pack Machine:


  1. The film on roll enters the machine and is formed into a tube via a forming head.
  2. The product is filled into the tubular bag through an opening in the machine.
  3. The longitudinal seal and the ends of the tubular bag are sealed to pack the product securely.
  4. The finished tubular bag is removed from the machine and can be further processed either manually or automatically.

The exact functionality of a Flow Pack Machine can vary depending on the model. P&S machines have optional additional functions such as labeling, weight control or quality control to ensure that the packages meet the requirements.

Benefit from the high packaging speed of P&S packaging machines. Pack large quantities of products in a short time.

P&S Flow Pack machines can be used for a wide range of products and packaging sizes. They are easy to adapt and can be changed over quickly.